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Sadaqah can support departmental work such as the advocacy department which assists individual victims of hate crime/abuse and discrimination

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IHRC, from its beginning, has been at the forefront in fighting for justice for the most vulnerable, marginalised and oppressed in society. The Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust can collect sadaqah to be spent on projects at IHRC that fulfil the criteria of the Trust's mandate.

On the topic of justice, Allah says:

O, You who believe! Be upright for God, witnesses to justice; and do not let your hatred of a people move you to a position where you are unjust. Be just, that is closer to piety. Be mindful of God! Verily God is well-informed concerning all that you do.

Qur'an 4:135

The responsibility of fighting for justice we take on with great pride. We as a community have been commanded in the Qur'an numerous times to do so. In establishing justice the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had at his disposal various experts. He utilised poets in fighting the media battle of his time, under his instruction companions trained themselves in various languages in order to communicate more effectively with the wider community. He also sent messenges by letter to various leaders and their communities in spreading the message. These are the types of example IHRC follows.

In donating your sadaqah to us every time someone benefits from the content we produce or projects we develop to fight for justice, the reward will lie with you.

This facility is provided by Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust (a charity registered in the UK no: 1106120) and everything collected will go towards those parts of IHRC's work that fulfil IHRC Trust's mandate.

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