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Zakat will support projects like our hate crime/Islamophobia project

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Islamic Human Rights Commission Trust collects Zakat to fund some of IHRC's most important projects. This work falls under the Zakat category of 'in the path of God'. It allows us to fund the defensive work of the community right at our doorstep and abroad. Early scholars understood this category of Zakat to be designated for the defence of the Muslim community.

We highlight the latest trends in problematic law and policies. We also are the leading NGO that collects data on hate crime and Islamophobia. Our academic reports publishes the analysis of the data that allows us to challenge Islamophobic practices and the institutions that practice them. Since our inception in 1997, we have had the only dedicated caseworkers in the country to take on cases of discrimination, we support the community with their legal battles in attaining justice. Scholars have agreed that Zakat can fund the research work that involves collecting and analysing data on Islamophobia; to use this data to campaign at a local level to the highest institutions such as the United Nations and the European Parliament. It can also fund awareness raising of human rights abuses against individuals and whole ethnic and religious groups.

The work we do to directly support victims of oppression with aid in communities such as the Islamic Movement in Nigeria or the Rohingya in Bangladesh, compliments other areas of work we carry out. It allows us to fulfil another two important categories of Zakat: the poor and the needy. By collecting and distributing Zakat we are providing vital aid to the communities whereby they are receiving food packs, lifesaving surgery and assistance with other essential needs.

Please consider us when discharging your Zakat obligations.

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Thank you for discharging your Zakat obligations with IHRC Trust

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